Optimal Health For All

The Chiropractic Connection

Chiropractic Care is more than just an adjustment!

Chiropractic care is a process of adjusting the body to higher levels of connection neurologically and alignment. By getting adjusted, you are essentially guided toward expressing your full health potential. It frees you, as nature intended, to pursue, experience, and explore everything life has to offer. Remember—health is a journey, not a singular destination.

Ok, but what exactly does this mean?

Scientifically speaking, your neuro-spinal system is a high-speed communication pathway from your brain to the body and back. It communicates with you about internal balance, health, and changes needed through the language of symptoms. Any interference with this communication can cause a barrage of symptoms, which society puts as "normal". However, true health cannot be defined merely as the presence or absence of symptoms.

Most of our so called "normal" symptoms are not life-threatening but are full of vital information about the energy (or lack thereof due to interference) that can be detrimental to the vitality of your full health potential. The force required to transform this potential energy, or interference, into useful kinetic energy in the muscles and soft connective tissue is light, while slightly more is necessary when the potential energy is stored in bones.

In the end, chiropractic care is about clearing any interferences within the body and nervous system, either by muscle or bone (usually both) and restoring function to the body so that healing and optimal health can resume. When we look at the body as a whole we can begin to understand much more of how our body functions.

Most patients who start chiropractic care here begin to become more aware of their body and what it is telling them. This is when the power of healing begins at a conscious level and become more proactive in taking care of their health.

In children, chiropractic care supports the growing nervous system and development stages, creating a nurturing internal environment as they grow.