Applied Kinesiology & Zone Technique

Dr. Joyce uses gentle non-invasive approach to evaluating the body's function

Applied kinesiology is a principle analysis of the "Triad" of health, uses manual muscle testing in aspects of determining whether there is interference at a Chemical, emotional, or physical level. This makes sense when we think in simple terms of examples:

Chemical - From the foods we eat to environmental pollutants

Emotional - chronic (continual) negative or positive stress from work and/or family

Physical - running a marathon, personal injury in a car accident, labor intensive job

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The Zone Technique, developed in 1931 by Dr. Fleet, is a spinal cord stimulation technique for brain healing and works on principles of classifying the body into 6 zones. Each zone reflects and specifically correlates to certain areas of the brain and body, when dys-function appears these zones can feel tender. By working on these zones, we are building and creating optimal health so that healing can take place!

Zone 1: Glandular - Hormone balancing

Zone 2: Eliminatory - Organs that detox the body

Zone 3: Nerves - Calming and balancing the nervous system function

Zone 4: Digestion - Balances out GI Tract

Zone 5: Muscular - Releasing tension and repair for tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles

Zone 6: Circulation - Improving and balancing circulation in the body with

Chiropractic, in general, works by removing any interferences within the nervous system through gentle adjustments to alleviate pain or dysfunction and restore normal function of the body creating optimal health. No matter the techniques and modalities used, they are all encompassing to help you get to out of pain and into revitalizing your health!

Revitalize Health & Wellness

A Holistic Approach to Gentle Chiropractic care

Understandably , there are people who seek chiropractic care during a health crisis and then move onto regular wellness care, once they recognize the importance of body function and balance. It is ideal to seek chiropractic care before your crisis, however, we know this is usually not the case. Understanding where you are in health is an important step in being able to take care of yourself and your family.

In our clinic:

Dr. Joyce uses a gentle yet effective approach to each patient, when we understand the "triad of health" by looking at the body as a whole, we can accomplish so much more. You are unique and each treatment is different, meaning that each session is curtailed to meet the needs of your body at that moment in time.

Dr. Joyce encompasses techniques and therapies such as:

  • Applied Kinesiology (Muscle testing)

  • Thompson Techniques

  • Zone Technique

  • Cranial Sacral Therapies

  • Bio-magnetic feedback

  • Dural manipulations

  • Activator

  • Webster Technique

  • K-Taping

  • Acupressure Therapy

  • Logan Basic Technique

  • Nutritional Response Testing (NRT)

Chiropractic Care isn't just about getting out of pain but creating and maintaining optimal health through prevention and maintenance.

Other Supplemental Resources available in the clinic:

  • Custom made Orthotics

  • Nutritional Testing Lab Kits:

    • ordered to your home depending on individual needs to determine specific testing needs.

  • Nutritional/herbal supplements

    • ordered online through our online dispensary with 10% off patient discount

    • ordered in-house, on a needs basis