Holistic Chiropractic Care Services

Using muscle testing (AK) for a gentle assessment of what your body needs.

$110 New Patient Exam - Introduction and consultation on goals, past/current medical history, physical exam + Chiropractic Adjustment and other therapies; if warranted

$60 Active Patient Care

+$25 At Home Visit (one-stop travel fee)

*Please note that we do not take insurance*

Packages Available for Current Patients: Please Inquire

** packages can be shared between immediate family members and must already be an established patient as well **

Overall Health Nutritional Testing Guidance and Testing Result Assessment.

$100 New Patient Exam - Initial goal setting, current and past medical history, the exam for nutritional assessment / NRT

$50 Regular Patient Visit Follow-up via Telehealth or in-office

Packages available:

$175 for Initial Exam and 2 follow-up exams / counseling / NRT and nutritional recommendations.

Online Supplement Dispensary

$0 Established Patient

Get access to high-quality supplements at fair prices, backed by features that help you stay on track with your wellness goals. Established patients get 10% off every order Plus any promotional sale that takes place throughout the year!

Interested in hearing more about how we can help? Contact revitalizehealth01@gmail.com for more information.

FAQ: Does Revitalize Health & Wellness take Insurance?

We are not accepting any insurance at this time. We find that our value in care is important and individualized to your specific needs. We do offer super billing (a specific style of invoice) so that you may send it to your insurance, for any out-of-network reimbursement. We would be happy to discuss this with you over the phone or in the office.

FAQ: Appointments. What if I don't see a time slot available while scheduling online?

You may schedule with Dr. Joyce Online through our online booking system here! If you need further assistance for a time slot not available, please Text message Dr. Joyce at 612-361-0068. We are flexible and interested in serving you!

FAQ: Can I bring my kids with me?

Yes, you may bring your children with you! In fact, they too can get adjusted! Dr. Joyce is great with adjusting children of all ages (from birth to teens) She even adjusts her own kids and loves being able to see how effective chiropractic adjustments have helped her kids get better and feel better faster with regular adjustments. Ask about our Family plans!!